BikeBox R(i)de 


BikeBox R(i)de - The film takes an experimental approach to documenting a Chicago neighborhood from the point of view of a young group of cyclists. A bike-mounted camera captures surreal collages in realtime, blending bodies, architecture, and light. This work is the result of a collaboration between LoVid and Blackstone Bicycle Works/experimental Station (Chicago) with technical support from Douglas Repetto. After spending time researching the Woodlawn neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago and meeting with the bike shop community, LoVid left the camera work entirely in the hands (and wheels) of the local youth. A custom-built camera made for this project captured exceedingly long panoramic images that were assembled as the cyclists moved on their paths, combining bodies with vehicles, and choreography with image making. The minimal editing in the film keeps the integrity of the raw and unique views of these moments in time.

BikeBox R(i)de was supported by Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.

Special thanks to Aaron Cahan, Lori Felker, Adam Strohm, Connie Spreen, and Sarah Rogers, DJ Fish, Matthew Searle

Organized by Matthew Searle,
Assistant Director of Experimental Station