Cross Current Resonance Transducer 


Cross Current Resonance Transducer is an open-ended collaboration and research project. We are interested in the processes of interpretation and evaluation that are inherent in human attempts to understand natural phenomena. Inspired by the story of the pulsar's discovery, we develop systems for monitoring, manipulating, and interpreting natural signals such as electro-magnetic radiation, tidal patterns, ambient temperature gradients, wind, and barometric pressure modulations. Our interest is not so much in presenting the phenomena themselves, but rather in exploring the often flawed but revealing interpretations of those phenomena that ultimately lead to greater human understanding and scientific progress. Our investigation has expanded from an initial focus, which emphasized using standard environmental sensors, to an interest in building our own environmental monitoring devices.

Cross Current Resonance Transducer is a collaboration between LoVid and Douglas Repetto

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CCRT in its myriad forms has received support from and would like to thank: free103point9 Wave Farm, Columbia University Computer Music Center, Eyebeam Education Studio and R & D Open Lab, The Greenwall Foundation, Harvestworks, The Experimental Television Center, NYSCA, Alfred University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Redhouse Art Center, RPI's iEAR Studio, SUNY Buffalo, and Colgate University Department of Art and Art History.

Painted Ponies Go Up And Down, 2011

Orbital Drop         

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