Live Video Objects 


Asymptotic Freedom Confined

Handmade video synthesizer, live video, resin, acrylic, wood (2008)

Asymptotic Freedom Confined is a live video sculpture in which video is produced continuously by embedded handmade electronics. The piece materializes media into the physical world and combines two forms of craft: highly gestured sculpture and engineering. Inspiration for this work comes from theories of quantum mechanics.

Created during a residency at Cue Art Foundation

Retzuot (ShinShinAgam)

Resin, wire, cloth, video, dimensions variable

Retzuot (ShinShinAgam) is inspired by the head and arm straps of Tefillin. The straps reminded us of electronic conductive wires, which we use in our media based, audiovisual work. In a similar way Tefillin straps conduct and preserve information that is in the scrolls and which has passed down through history. In Retzuot (ShinShinAgam), the scrolls are represented by circuit boards, which generate continuous live video. The video image is a minimal representation of the letter Shin, which in traditional Tefillin appears on the headpiece box.

Design for Jewish Life The Jewish Museum, New York, 2009


Live video, wood, acrylic (2005)

2 L ROY is a live video object that produces minimal video, a color fade from red to yellow over the course of 7 weeks. Great attention is given to the composition of color created through analog synthesis and adjustment of RGB levels. The video's color fade is mirrored by the paint fade on its surface.

Produced during a residency at Eyebeam, NY 2005

Hearing RED

Courtesy of Wave Farm and Gigantic ArtSpace, photo by David LaSpina

Valleys and Temporary Lights (2009)

Ether Ferry (2005)

Airborne II, The New Museum, New York NY

Retrospectrum (2005)
A collaboration with Yoav Bergner

ArtBots, Science Gallery, Dublin Ireland