Ruby rendering 


Ruby Rendering is part of a series of videos and prints that were created during a residency at Signal Culture. These works feature LoVid’s signature abstractions that weave together noise, dense colors, flicker, patterns, and electrical hums into intense compositions. In the prints, a single image is extracted from each of the 5 videos of an audiovisual installation titled Ruby Rendering. LoVid’s process includes analog and digital tools, focusing on actual and simulated tactility. LoVid’s print works capture ephemeral and immaterial video signals, preserving individual moments as embodied physical objects

Installation view from Tie Up, Draw Down
curated by Natalie Campbell
and Carissa Carman, Center for Craft,
Creativity & Design, Asheville NC (2017)

Installation view from Tephra Garden, Salisbury University Gallery, Salisbury University MD, 2016

Installation view from Contact
, Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery,
New York NY (2017)