Trichrome Navigation 


Trichrome Navigation is a choreographed situation. The interdisciplinary performance is an expansion on LoVid's ongoing explorations on the theme of signals: biological, electrical, personal, and social. LoVid invited participants of different backgrounds to engage in an ephemeral installation through natural body movement and electronic sound. The participants are given the task of traversing an obstacle course made out of inactive electrical wires while carrying electronic components from one side of the street to another. Wearing Red, Green, and Blue tee-shirts (RGB video colors) the performers' passage represents the flow of electric current and video pixels. The choreography is also inspired by the craft of weaving. By turning the intimate and small gestures of the weaver into full body, public, and collaborative movements, the audience can delve into LoVid's vision of a retro-futuristic networked era, where technology, the human body, and daily tasks intertwine in physical, emotional, and organic ways. As a result, the performance is both surreal and casual. Though there are composed and planned elements in Trichrome Navigation the artists are equally interested in the possibilities of unexpected situations that may occur at this public event. The piece is a participatory performance; the audience is actively involved in the work whether or not they choose to follow the performers physically. Trichrome Navigation welcomes the spontaneous change of flow in pedestrian traffic that will naturally happen as a result of this intervention and viewers are encouraged to see the entire surrounding area as a component of this work.

Trichrome Navigation was commissioned by LMCC for Sitelines and River to River festivals and produced with support from Diapason.