U R QR is a public art and social media project that delves into this question through a participatory process of exploration and experimentation. Conceived by artist duo LoVid and presented as part of the 2013 River to River Festival, the project evolved between April and July 2013.

The ongoing network of online discussions sparks a collective investigation of identity in our digital age and encourages you to contribute your own perspective: What does it mean to express yourself, both on- and off-line? How are your expressions mediated or informed by the presence of a machine? How stable can an identity be in light of the constant state of flux that accompanies the digital?

U R QR participatory public event at River to River Festival

In June 2013, U R QR translated this conversation from virtual space to physical space through a weekend of engaging events that focus on generating a collective portrait of the participants. As a central component of the activities, we created photographic portraits of participants’ faces adorned with fragmented black and white code; together, the portraits were combined to create one complete, functional QR code, which both recorded and reflected the community in attendance.

U R QR Installation