Video Taxidermy 


Video Taxidemy is a series of works that are created by editing and reworking analog video recordings into single channel pieces, printing the resulting images onto textiles and then sewing and stuffing the textiles, as if re-editing the videos into 3-D soft sculptures.

Installation view from Test Pattern, School 33 Art Center Baltimore MA, 2018

Tephra Garden, Installation at Good Childen Gallery

Video Taxidermy_LoVid_2
Video Taxidermy_LoVid_3 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_1
Video Taxidermy_LoVid_8 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_9 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_10
Video Taxidermy_LoVid_7 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_6

Installation shot from The Material Turn,
Concordia University, Montreal QC Canada, 2018)
Photos by Guy Lheureux

Video Taxidermy_LoVid_1 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_2 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_3
Video Taxidermy_LoVid_4 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_5 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_6
Video Taxidermy_LoVid_7 Video Taxidermy_LoVid_8